"Harissa, mon amour" recipe booklet

"Harissa, my love ", a booklet of 21 recipes and almost as many anecdotes and tips resolutely mediterranean to enjoy or providing of any emergency, a jar of Harissa artisanal hand !
Title : Harissa, my love
Author.e.s : Mireille Sanchez & Habib Bahri
Publisher : Neomediterranea
Number of pages : 28 pages
Dimensions : 12*21 cm
ISBN 978-2-9589981-0-3


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Not good couscous without Harissa, of course, but what about a salad of carrot, a vegetable soup, a chakchouk or even a sandwich toasted ? In this collection of recipes, Mireille Sanchez and Habib Bahri we invite you to discover, with relish, the different facets of the Harissa. 21 recipes decidedly mediterranean and almost as many tips and anecdotes to spice up his day, from appetizers to main dishes !

Dissolved, sprinkled, spread, in the oven, in emulsion, or simply within a compote, Mireille and Habib we unveil different ways to integrate the Harissa to his kitchen, by small touches or without complexes. A booklet imagined over the meetings, and markets for these two in the mediterranean, which wished to provide a concrete answer to all of these people who don't know how to use the Harissa, once the jar is open ! Mireille and Habib the claim loud and clear in the universe of the possible is infinite evidenced by the fields of uses and associations they have imagined ! A booklet to enjoy or providing of any emergency, a jar of Harissa artisanal hand !


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