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La Tunisie des années 70 vue par Fulvio Roiter, photographe italien

I've always had the feeling that the Mediterranean sea, Tunisia and more particularly, had a particular light, a light to dream for photographers and artists. It is perhaps this that makes the colours more vivid and the shadows more warm. What a joy to discover, and that very recently, the works of Fulvio Roiter, and his trip to Tunisia. So, here are some of the pictures selected, the Tunisia of the 70's, through the eyes of the photographer and reporter Fulvio Roiter.

But that is Fulvio Roiter ?

For those of you who, like me, did not know Fulvio Roiter (1926 – 2016), it is necessary to go find his work without delay. Italian, born in 1926 in Méolo, near Venice, it is considered a giant of Italian photography.

Great traveler, he travels the world of post-war turmoil and visit a lot of countries including Tunisia. He has received numerous awards, including the prix Nadar in 1955, the price of the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'arles in 1978, and the price Mask of Silver in 1990.

His work is known for its simplicity and the beauty of its images. His shots are always precise, meticulous in their composition and in the same time full of harmony and sweetness.

Tunisia 70s by Fulvio Roiter

I found his photos in a book melange, to the editions Oak, 1973. These are also available on pinterest via this link or it


Good discovery to you and see you very soon for a new getaway in Tunisia photographers 📷🌞🌊

Habib for Baba Bahri 🙂

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